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Gin Arai

Gin Arai (pronouced as “Gin a-rai”) is a Thai phrase. “Gin” means “eating” and “Arai” means “what”. Then “Gin Arai” means “What to eat”.

Eating is a central part of Thai culture and we show our care for others by asking if they want something to eat.

Next time you just simply ask “Gin Arai” when you’re about to ask “What’s to eat”.


Gin Arai delivers all the ingredients you need to cook amazing meals at your home. Your delivery will include any meat, fresh fruit, vegetables, seasonings, and other ingredients.

Hopefully, we can help you plan your meals weeks ahead so you can skip the “What’s for dinner tonight” question and enjoy your extra time with family and friends, Click here for more detail about Gin Arai.

Pronounced as “Gin a-rai”


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