True Taste of Thai

Interactive Online Cooking Classes

Master fragrant and delicious Thai dishes at home! Interactive online cooking classes allow you to have the
authentic Thai cooking experience in the comfort of your kitchen through an interactive, live-streaming platform.

Whether you choose to buy your own ingredients or have them delivered to you, we’ll help you along in real-time and build your confidence as you create a complete Thai meal.

After booking but before your scheduled class

• We’ll coordinate the date and time for your class with you.
• You will choose ANY TWO dishes that you want to cook from Our Menu.
• If you are within the San Diego area, we will deliver the all ingredients to your doorstep the day before your class. Please contact us to make sure we serve your area.
• If you are outside of the San Diego area, we will mail non-perishable Thai ingredients safe to ship longer distances.
• We will email you the recipes and a list of recommended cookware needed for your class.
• We will send you the link and any necessary password to join online the class.
• We would like to ask you to prepare the ingredients for your class in advance. Please chop and slice ingredients before class, so we can enjoy and focus on cooking during the class.

During your class

• You can expect a fully-interactive experience, learning the same skills and techniques we teach in our In-Person class.
• We will work directly with you in real time, answering any questions and offering step-by-step guidance throughout the class.
• You will learn unique, Thai culinary tricks to use in the kitchen and tips for selecting the best ingredients for your own future cooking experiences.